About us

Me- Well I'm Lisa and I am mummy. I spend my days doing pretty much the same as the day before.....
washing, feeding the family, cleaning the children, dressing the children, hoovering, tidying toys, hanging washing out..... washing, fee....well you get the picture. As well as that I love to read, and bake. I also love music and dancing around the kitchen with little man and diva usually is a sight the neighbours get to see often.

Hubs - Andy, my gorgeous, so laid back he's asleep husband and daddy to little man and little diva. . Actually, he is asleep at the moment -on the sofa for a change. He is a teacher so is generally out of the house from 6.45 - 7pm most nights. Sport is his main interest and the neighbours often se him bopping around in the kitchen too..usually to s club 7 (shhhh)

Little man- is my amazing son, he is 4 ,just leaving preschool to start primary school. My baby's all grownd up! He is amazing, very shy at times so we are trying to get him more confident. He loves all things boys loves - cars,toy story and now he is loving power rangers and superhero squad more.

little lady/diva- well what can I say, beautiful angel of mine who has a huge temper. Very independent and dramatic. she is 2 and a half going on 12 and a half. seriously I dread to think what the teenage years are going to hold for us. diva loves her heeled princess shoes, handbags, dollys, princesses and fairies. She has also rather recently taken a shine to my make up bag and has been known to use my eyeshadows as lipsticks. :)

There you have it , my little family. We have loads of fun and love going to new places exploring and having adventures so heres our record of our memories.

Thanks for reading
Lisa xxxxx